Latrobe Chapel, circa 1886

is a Heritage listed Church available for Civil & Religious Weddings

History lovers and creators of memories, this boutique village chapel is awaiting your wedding. Set in a bygone era of olde Victorian times it is the ideal venue for lovers of all ages, with an atmosphere of pure whimsy, chandeliers and flowers, uniquely traditional, in all its historic beauty. Declare your vows and exchange rings in the surrounds of a timeless setting, with the comfort of modern amenities. Be a part of Latrobe Chapel’s history.


Phone:  (07) 3367 8800 

Mobile: 0414186670


If our office is unable to attended to your call immediately, please leave a message with a contact phone number, and your call will be returned.


Postal address:      P.O. Box 987 Paddington, Qld, 4064

Chapel Address:    215 Latrobe Terrace,  Paddington

Jane Miller